Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to Wrap Those Gifts

With the debut of more innovative wrappings, no longer is man (or woman!) limited by the mere traditional confines to deliver that gift in. Consider the following:

Bags with tissue paper have been one of mankind s greater contributions in the past decade, and now thanks to dollar stores they are even reasonably priced. But sometimes, more substantial support is called for especially for shipping. Then, the search begins for the perfect sized box. But, how many of us think to MAKE our own boxes? It s possible with a box-cutter, larger packing boxes, and strong packing tape. Make sure to tape the inside of the box for extra support.

Don t overlook other packing ideas. Baby shower gifts can be put into an infant tub, and pinned up with diaper pins and a hooded towel; bridal shower items work when placed in laundry baskets, bundled in tablecloths or bath sheets. Look for sales on scrap material, and use that for wrapping; burlap, felt or cloth pieces, bound by various cords make imaginative wraps.

If you are married to wrapping the old-fashioned way using boxes, don t overlook different types of paper to put them in. Colorful funny papers (pre-sprayed with hair spray to help prevent the ink from smearing), music sheets, and roadmaps are just some ideas that make great wrapping papers. Stack more than one box, in corresponding sizes atop one another, and bound together with one tie. Use associated materials for tying bows: ie. Twines, cords, wire, leather strips.

Bows are more able to be refreshed when you use fabric ribbon that has wire edges. No matter how smashed a box gets in-transit, it can more easily be revived when it is wrapped by wire ribbon. That type also makes it easier to create art, like flowers or other shapes. A beautiful look is plaid wired ribbon over a solid color wrapping paper.

When buying Christmas paper for holiday wrapping, choose a neutral pattern. Something with wispy, non-committal shapes, or in stripes can be used for ALL wrapping year-round. Especially look for paper that can be used for Father s Day or other masculine use; florals are very common, but male-oriented patterns are harder to come by.

Jazz up a package or gift bag with a small extra like a silk flower, beaded handles, sachet in satin and a sequin drawstring. Use your imagination, and customize it to the recipient; how about a tiny silver spoon for the baby gift, or something blue tacked on for the new bride?

Make your own gift tags, too, and save money. Use scrap-booking scissors, or sewing pinking shears, to fashion a tag out of the same wrapping paper and large enough to express your sentiments, then tape or wire it to the gift.

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