Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Christmas Gift

Christmas can be a dicey time for men. It is often a time of judgment for us by the lady in our life. Take the wrong step in your Christmas search and it will be a long year. Read on to learn how to avoid buying the wrong Christmas gift.

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Listen to your lady. Often they will drop numerous hints. Pay attention and you will be fine.

Stay out of the appliances, electronics, kitchen and hardware sections. There is nothing and I mean nothing there that will result in a positive gift.

Stay away from jewelry that is found outside a glass display case. That is the stuff she got when she was twelve-years-old. If you want jewelry go to a jewelry store, period.

Avoid clothing all together. This just doesn't work and besides clothing is something she gets from the in-laws, not her lover.

Stay away from anything that says work. If that means housework, her professional work or yard work. She is not a maid, she is your lover.

If your lover or wife is also the mother of your children, you can venture down that path. Anything kid related like a picture of you and your children is always a big hit.

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