Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to Make Mailing Labels for Your Christmas & Holiday Cards.

I used to dread writing our Christmas cards every year until I realized that I didn't have to. Now I use my computer and printer to print out labels, print directly on the envelopes and even print my salutations on almost any store bought or handmade cards.

We will be using Microsoft Word© for this project. Purchase mailing labels from your local office supply store that are appropriate for your printer. You cannot use laser labels for an inkjet printer or vice versa. Most all labels are formated to be used with Avery© software and templates.

Go to and download the free software for creating mailing labels.

Once the software is installed. Open Microsoft Word and click on the Avery icon on the far right of the menu bar to start the software. On the box of mailing labels you will need to look for the product number. This will be a four-digit number and it will be in large print to easily find it. This number is usually located on the front of the box on the botton right or left-hand side. For this article we will use 8660. Type the number in the box and click on the find icon. Once you have your label style number open Microsoft© Word and click on the Avery© icon in the uppper right-hand corner on the menu bar.

When the Avery© software opens you will click on next and then enter your label number. Choose your label from the list and choose "Next." When the selection menu opens choose the type of label you would like to create. You can choose a blank label or a label with a holiday theme.

Click on the image you want and then click "Next."

Now decide if you are making return labels or mailing labels. Let's say you are making mailing labels. You will choose "Type many different entries on one sheet" then click next. You will see a sample of the labels. It may take a while to type in all of your card recipients but once you have it done, you will be able to make labels each year and throughout the year for various mailings.

After you have clicked on next, click next again, and then click on finish. The Avery© wizard will create duplicate labels for you on the entire sheet. After the wizard is finished all you have to do is click in front of the first line of text and hold the delete key until all the text has been deleted. Starting from the blinking cursor begin typing in your mailing address. Be sure to save your file where you will find it for future use. You will be able to change the clipart or delete to format your labels for everyday mailings or for other special occassions.

If you would like to change the picture to one of your own photos or to another clipart picture choose "Insert" from the tool bar and then choose "Picture." You will have to decide if you want to choose "clipart" or "from file." If you choose "Clipart" then your clipart organizer will open and you will search for a type of clipart that you want. To change the clipart on the labels, right-mouse click on clipart and choose "Cut" from the sub menu. Then double click on the clipart you have chosen from the clipart manager and the picture will be inserted for you.

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