Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Attend Two Thanksgiving Dinners in One Day

If you're fortunate enough to have both of our families live in the same town, this may seem easy. However, this does create somewhat of an issue when certain holidays come. One of those holidays is Thanksgiving Day.

Explain to both parties about your day. Apologize that you won t be able to be at the Thanksgiving dinner as long as the other guests will be. In a situation where you have to be at two Thanksgiving dinners in one day it is almost guaranteed that both parties will understand.

Get to the first Thanksgiving dinner a little early. This will give you plenty of time to socialize with all of the guests since you won t be able to stay and chat with them for a long period of time after dinner.

Don t eat too much during the first Thanksgiving dinner. Remember that you must save room for your second dinner of the day. You should probably stay away from desserts during the first Thanksgiving dinner.

Get to the second Thanksgiving dinner roughly 30 minutes before the dinner begins. This will give you time to get settled in and briefly talk with guests.

Make sure to eat enough during the second Thanksgiving dinner so not to offend the person who prepared the meal.

Stay for awhile after Thanksgiving dinner has concluded and socialize with the guests. Since you didn t have a good chance to do so before dinner this is a good chance to talk with everybody at your second party of the day. It s also a good time to rest after a long and filling day.

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