Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to Attune to the Wiccan Horned God

A guide to attuning to the Wiccan Horned God, sometimes known as Cernunnos or Herne, but most generally referred to as the God of the Sun, the wild places and animals, the hunt, sexuality, fertility, abundance and the underworld.

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Wake at dawn and go out of doors, somewhere where you won't be observed or disturbed. If you live in a rural area, this will be quite easy. If you live in an urban area, you can use a patio, balcony or even stay indoors near an open window where you can watch the sun rise.

Bask in the rays of the dawning sun, concentrating on the energy and warmth of the God. Feel him fill your spirit and most importantly, reach out. Visualization is an important skill. Visualize the God as virile and strong, perhaps in his youthful or fatherly guise.

You may wish to chant or pray. You can use a memorized chant to help focus your concentration or just speak/chant/sing from your heart. Continue this exercise as long as you wish.

Throughout the day, notice the abundance of the earth around you and reach out mentally to any wild animals you encounter. See the God in all things and all people. Feel him with you, in you and around you.

At night before bed, you may want to perform a small ritual in his honor. If you have a shrine or altar, this is a good place to perform this rite. Light a yellow or gold candle (representative of the God and Sun) and concentrate on the male energy of Deity. Visualize the God as he has revealed himself to you and once again, let him fill you. Chant or pray to help shift your consciousness.

Perform these simple rituals as often as you like, preferably on a daily basis, to attune with the God. Eventually, you will grow closer and closer to Him. Observe the changes in the seasons and see the God's hand in all of nature's moods. Enjoy your growing relationship with the Great Father!


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